Species In Detail

Pink - (Pleurotus Djamor)
Beautiful and unique. This mushroom has very little stem. 

Blue - (Pleurotus Columbinus)
Start out a bright blue and turn pearl upon maturing. This mushrooms gets its name both from the color as well as resembling the look of bivalve mollusk in the ocean.

Elm - (Hypsizygus Ulmarius)
Stunningly beautiful shape and light pearl color. The stems on these mushrooms are very good for eating and they form a large cap. Quite rare to fine in nature.

Branched - (Pleurotus Cornucopiae)
A common mushroom in Ireland. They are said to be similar is shape to a drinking horn with very beautiful long gills. The taste is a bit floury and the cap tends to be a bit thicker than other varieties.